About me

I am a PhD student of Pierre Peterlongo and Tatiana Starikovskaya working in the Genscale Team at IRISA (Inria Rennes) and in the Talgo Team at École normale supérieure (Paris), in France.

My interest include algorithms (on strings), design of compact data structures, sketching and programming in general. Whenever pertinent I try to provide practical implementation of my research and link to applications in bioinformatics.

My PhD subject focusses on designing and implementing new algorithms and data structures for massive string data using lossy and lossless compression. I have worked for example on pattern matching, streaming algorithms, indexes, approximate distances, regular expressions, compression including the Lempel-Ziv factorization and the Burrows-Wheeler transforms. For details, see my list of publications.

Teaching and Volunteer work are both quite important to me. On the personal side, I enjoy board games, hiking, wood working, cats and jellyfishes.